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South Carolina

Looking to move? Why South Carolina is the place to go and how we can help.

What you’re looking for? We got it!

Within the last ten years, the state of South Carolina’s population has increased by over 10 percent. Whether you’re looking for the busy night life of Myrtle Beach, the beauty and industry of Charleston County,  or even just the relaxation of a home by the beach or in nature, South Carolina offers it all.

Between the oceanside, state parks, and historical sites, there is nothing this state can’t provide for those who love the outdoors. Some of the largest companies such as Boeing have entered the state and provide jobs and economic production to help fuel the state’s economy and diversity of business.  With temperatures ranging from comfortable to hot year round, there’s little to no worry of freezing roads and being snowed in. Whether this sounds good for your daily life or as a yearly getaway, Anchor Mortgage can help you buy the home of your dreams, and here’s how

Most importantly, Why now?

Almost 70 percent of residents are homeowners, and for a good reason. Whether this will be your primary home, vacation home, or a rental property, there is unlimited investment potential in this growing market. We are approaching what researchers believe to be the best time to buy with some of the lowest market prices during the year.

The mortgage rates are at some of the lowest numbers recorded in history as well. With the fluctuating economy, no one is too sure how long these numbers will be around. The combination of low rates, and low market prices make an excellent combination for first time homebuyers or those interested in the South Carolina market. This is the perfect time to lock in a fixed rate. 

Don’t think you are ready?

Buying a property is not a small deal, that is why we are here to help. Anchor Mortgage is here to assist you in figuring out what mortgage plan that is right for you. Our CEO and senior loan processor Dante J Campanelli and our experts here will talk you through the process of getting your new home or rental property. He can be reached directly at 843-367-9900 or Reach out today to hear more about what South Carolina and our business can offer you!

Final thoughts

If you are ready to discuss making the move to South Carolina, Anchor Mortgage has you covered.

Anchor Mortgage has low refinance rates throughout the Carolina’s. To learn about our home loan and mortgage programs, contact us today. Dante Campanelli expert loan officer with Anchor Mortgage in Charleston, South Carolina will give you expert advice on cash out refinances, standard refinances, streamline refinances, and more. He can be reached directly at 843-367-9900 or

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